Kip's Open Letter to Minister
Public Safety Regarding 9/11

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.

- Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)
I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.

- Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910)

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Citizen Feedback:

Your letter is superb. Your connecting it to relevant authorities in explanation and in sending it to them to incite some public responsibility is equally masterful. Thank you doing this on all our behalves.

John McMurtry
Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
University of Guelph Professor Emeritus
UN author & editor of Philosophy and World Problems
Your research is sound...We definitely need to begin holding our elected representatives in Canada to account on this, and your letter is one way to start that...I want to say that I love the way you've used UNSC 1368. I've often quoted it in presentations, but I simply argue that it provided no justification for the invasion of Afghanistan: as you correctly argue, what it actually does is obligate governments to seek the true perpetrators of the 9/11 crimes...Maybe there is a way the Canadian 9/11 truth movement, which is pretty scattered at the moment, can unite around a couple of main items, such as your letter, in the not-too-distant future...Thanks for the very eloquent letter.

Graeme MacQueen
PhD, Harvard
Associate Professor, McMaster University
Founder of McMaster University Centre for Peace Studies
Co-director of Media & Peace Education in Afghanistan
I want to attempt to express the enormity of my respect for you... Your letter is up there as a work of great political literature, in a league with the Declaration of Independence, Letter From The Birmingham Jail, etc.

Amazing letter, just read it, incredible work keeping track of all the recipients, and the many non-responses. You're a real patriot. Some of the recipients really picked on the wrong fellow to try and pretend they didn't receive the letter.

Democracy Now!
UVic Radio, an Independent News Hour
I've been researching this subject for years now and have recently come across your letter to Toews. For what it's worth I think you've nailed it; absolutely outstanding, one of the best I've seen to date if not the best. I've passed along many articles on this subject and have sent copies of your letter to contacts already. In my humble opinion it is the most well written letter/article I've seen on any subject. Keep up the good work! If there were more like you in the battle we'd already have reached the tipping point. The masses are stirring and I have little doubt the perpetrators are running scared. Things sure are getting "interesting", justice shall prevail.

Royal Canadian Navy
I agree with this thought provoking thesis and believe that further investigation into the 9/11 event will take place because of it.

Retired Canadian Infantry Officer Platoon Commander
Military Historian
It is very well written. You are a gifted writer...Glad to have you with us...It is a great letter and one that should shine above many on the subject.

Christopher Porter
Canadian Action Party Leader
I just wanted to say that its one of the best letters on 9/11, integrating in the appropriate issues and historical perspective, that I have ever read.

Professional Engineer
I have never seen a better written letter! Very well done!

Medical Oncologist
Clinical Professor
Faculty of Medicine
University of British Columbia
This letter has truly opened my eyes. My respect for your commitment to discovering the truth and the passion underlying this exceptionally high quality letter is substantial.

Law Student
University of Durham
This is an amazing piece of work, and research behind it.

Retired high school science teacher
This is an amazing work, thanks for using your energy to do and say the things some of us are not able, in such a courageous and concise way. I pray this letter will not fall on deaf ears, I truly pray.

You are right on! And you are very brave...I fear that democracy in Canada is a mere charade, if it ever truly existed. We need to continue the efforts and I applaud you. Thanks again for your thoughtful letter.

Congratulations. Your letter is excellent. The issue that you raise is one that I am very familiar with, and while the implications are unfortunate and frightening, I tend to agree with your views. I have encountered everything that you mention in your letter, however it was impressive to see it gathered so cogently, and with such immediacy.

Undergraduate Student
University of British Columbia
This is one of the most well put together compilation I have ever seen on this topic.

Professional Musician
Very well written ... with lots of references...You make some great points, and it sounds like there are a lot of other people, with excellent credentials, who also want answers... But, you've done your research well, and wrote a good letter.

Computer Science Instructor
University of British Columbia
This is an amazing piece of work, and research behind it.

Retired Highschool Teacher
This is indeed an amazing work, and I support your efforts fully.

Your letter is brilliant.

Professional Engineer
That letter you did was really something. Thanks.

What an amazing letter! The world needs more citizens like you who are critical thinkers, objective researchers, intelligent observers, with the strength of character to stand up for what they believe it. Your letter is an act of moral courage, and I would hope that in the Canadian, and global context, we have room for those who take action against evil. It reminds me of a quote from Ayn Rand: 'The evil of the world is made possible by nothing but the sanction you give it.' Thank-you for not sanctioning it!

Your letter to Vic Toews is outstanding, a most remarkable piece or research and composition.

I've read your letter and it looks to be extremely well researched and documented.

Retired Canadian Infantry Officer Plantoon Commander
Incredibly well written, Kip. Thanks for writing that on behalf of all of us. I hope it falls on open ears, for once.

Software Engineer
It's very, very well written and I hope justice of the highest order will be achieved for all.

Wow that was an impressive letter.

Well done....very well done.

Kip this is very impressive; very well-written and researched... The truth shall prevail!

An informed and informative letter.

You are a wonderful writer...with a great message...I will forward the letter to friends.

Elementary School Teacher
Good letter. Too bad Ottawa seems stone deaf to everything not uttered by the 46 richest Canadians (worth as much as the 14,000,000 poorest) and/or the American plutocrats who tell them what to do.

Film Studies Instructor
University of British Columbia
I thought your letter was excellent. It actually blew me away how precise all of your details were.

Elementary School Teacher
I read your letter. It is 100% correct in my view.

Software Engineer
Retired Canadian Artilleryman
Got it from the Canadian Action party website - let's give these people hell on earth, like they want to do to us!

A big applause and thank you for a very well crafted and referenced letter to Vic Toews on the matter of 911 truth... Last fall my eyes finally opened on the subject and it is good to see that people like you are taking action. I am also encourage that an existing Canadian federal party has actually taking on this difficult subject and is trying to get to the root of the problem.

I read the letter you sent to Vic Toews...The content of your letter is bang on.

I read your letter - very well done. I like your low key strategy. Let people read the letter, and the (non)responses, and let them make up their own minds.

Law Student
University of British Columbia
As someone who has spent many years perfecting my own writing skill I must congratulate you on this work, which is both well written and well argued. I wasn't familiar with the all the facts regarding traces of explosive material found in the WTC rubble, and while it's still somewhat challenging for me to wrap my head around the letter's main argument, I must say that my opinion on this issue has certainly been influenced your research.

Economics Undergraduate Student
University of British Columbia
All I can say is wow, what an amazing letter. Keep up the good work.

I felt compelled to write to you after [...] told me all about you and sent me to your website where I was BLOWN AWAY by your concise, eloquent and magnificent letter to Vic Toews concerning 9/11. I must commend you on your courage and dedication.

Professional Animator

Elicited Responses:

  • Who




    Adrienne Clarkson (Former Governor General) Unknown N/A

    Arthur Eggleton (Senator and Former Minister of National Defence) Unknown N/A

    Bill Vander Zalm (28th Premier of British Columbia from 1986 to 1991) Yes Read,
    "I was very impressed with your presentation and your way of presenting but most of all I was impressed with your broad knowledge of so many things happening...Your letter is extremely well written and documented."

    Mr Vander Zalm and I met in private at his home after he had read the letter. I then provided him with an additional briefing and answered any questions he had. Mr Vander Zalm's knowledge of both this matter and those tangential was remarkable and extensive.

    Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) Yes Read,
    "I found [your letter to the government] on the internet...It's very well written...It's pretty interesting and obviously the kind of stuff we're interested in...For stuff like this, this is exactly for us...Thank you very much and I will look into it...I'll make sure it gets to who it needs to," (Christina).
    Commonwealth Secretariat Yes Read,
    no response
    Prompted with his co-hosting of a conference for the heads of various anti-corruption agencies in Africa held in May of 2012 in Livingstone, Zambia, I brought the document to his attention. This was confirmed via an access attempt and download of the letter from on 17 Jan 2013. Someone from his office re-visited this site again on 29 Jan 2013, then again on 8 Feb 2013. This IP address falls within the Commonwealth Secretariat subnet.

    David Johnson (Governor General) Yes Read,
    "I regret that the Governor General cannot intervene in matters that are the responsibility of public or elected officials."

    The British North America Act of 1867 vests executive power in Her Majesty the Queen of Canada who is represented in person by the Governor General of Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnson. He may be perceived as ceremonial, but in actuality, his legal mandate bestows him with the highest domestic public office the nation has to offer, exceeding even that of the Prime Minister's Office. This is why the Prime Minister must secure the Governor General's permission in the dissolution of Parliament or in the deployment of military force abroad.

    Holders of the Office cannot limit themselves merely to its privledges, but none of its responsibilities. Nevertheless, this matter of grave concern remained an unregistered interest. Televised spectator games featuring acts of violence that merely affect the lives of a handful of people at a given time warranted commentary while a probable violation of section 46 of the Criminal Code (High Treason) and the incumbent necessity of the dissolution of Parliament, the initiation of a public enquiry with powers of subpoena, and the holding of a Federal election prompted none.

    Enza Uda (Associate Producer, CBC News, Go Public) Yes Read,
    "I've read your essay — which is well-written and well-researched.  However, we are not the forum to air your paper," (Enza Uda).

    Enza's mandate is to hold powers that be accountable. She has worked before to uncover a war criminal who is now an old man, incapable of defending himself, and whose government was dissolved more than half a century ago. She refused to forward the document to an appropriate forum on the grounds that it was not of interest to the CBC. Listen here.

    Hardy Staub (Liberal MP candidate for South Surrey - White Rock - Cloverdale) Yes Read,
    "Thank you for your document that I read with interest...I noticed that you had sent it to a variety of very important people and at this stage those are the people I would have sent it to as well...Once elected however I could forward it to the appropriate members of our new government," (Hardy Staub).

    Jasbir Sandhu (Member of Parliament for Surrey North, NDP, Official Opposition Critic for Public Safety) Yes Read,
    The letter was read in its entirety before him privately in his constituency office where I found him to be both very reasonable and receptive. He acknowledged that he was already suspicious of the collapse of the north and south towers, but was not aware of the third building to collapse in NYC until the briefing. He found the information quite reasonable, given that, as he noted, "there were no WMDs in Iraq".

    He requested several weeks to examine the letter in greater detail and review the additional material he was provided with. He will provide his party's official response to the five points made in the conclusion of my letter when Parliament reconvenes in September 2011.

    Given that Mr Sandhu is the official opposition critic for the Public Safety portfolio, the intended recipient of my letter, and given that he is in good rapport with the Minister responsible for that cabinet position, the information he is now in possession with left me thinking that it was in appropriate hands.

    Several weeks passed, giving Mr Sandhu ample time to review the material. In a followup meeting, he claimed he had not had time to review the material, had not liaised with the Minister, and was still preoccupied with other things of "higher priority" - among them, by his own admission, a review of a bill to extend the Anti-Terrorism Act.

    In the end, he refused to sign the petition demanding a new investigation, although his clerk signed it on the spot, while he requested an indeterminate amount of time to reflect on the matter. He did, however, concede that personal safety was an issue in his decision at that point.

    Kathy Tomlinson (Journalist, CBC News, Go Public) Yes No response Did not express interest after receiving letter. Listen here. "We hold the powers that be accountable," (CBC Go Public website).

    Macleans Yes Deleted without reading Confirmed via electronic confirmation receipt.

    Mark Warawa (Conservative Member of Parliament for Langley, BC) Yes Read,

    8 Dec 2012, I attended the screening of a film on gendercide in Vancouver. Mr Warawa was present. I approached him after the film and requested a meeting to discuss a separate social justice and human rights issue. He was agreeable and indicated I liaise with his assistant Annette to select an appropriate date.

    17 Jan 2013, I briefed Mr Warawa at his constituency office at 104-4769 222 St, Langley, BC, where he was provided with a copy of my letter to the Minister of Public Safety, shown video footage of the collapse of WTC 7, and given a documentary DVD film. He reassured me that he would examine the material I provided him as time would permit, in addition to the Toronto Report I would drop off later when I was resupplied with new copies. While viewing the collapse of WTC 7, Mr Warawa noted that "the collapse of the third building...It doesn't look".

    He was reassured that he need not endorse our petition for a new and independent investigation into the events of 9/11, but only that we encourage him to deliver it on behalf of any of the signatories within his riding.

    After I left, he spent some time later that afternoon examining my personal website. The following morning he returned to this page and spent approximately 64 seconds examining the other responses to date prior to downloading an additional copy of the letter. Earlier that day, during our meeting he had said he would likely read it over his flight back to Ottawa that weekend.

    That evening, he sent me a response in followup to my email which thanked him for generously providing me with his time that afternoon. "Hi Kip, thank you for this follow-up email. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I will be in touch. Regards, Mark Warawa, Member of Parliament for Langley".

    Five days later, as I had promised him during his briefing, I dropped off two copies of the Toronto Report, one for Mr Warawa and another for his assistant.

    14 May 2013, I received a response from Mr Warawa. "I have had a chance to skim through the text that you offered and I have decided not to pursue this matter further; therefore, I will not be presenting the petitions. I encourage you to contact your MP or another MP who may be interested in presenting these." I did not attempt to disuade him otherwise, but did attempt to determine at the very least whether the decision had been his. I did not receive a response after several attempts to make contact.

    10 July 2013, I managed to liaise with Mr Warawa's assistant at his constituency office over the telephone in an effort to document who had made the decision to not deliver the petition, Mr Warawa, or someone else. The assistant declined to provide that information, but said that the issue was not sufficiently important to Mr Warawa, that I was not a member of his riding (which I had disclosed from the beginning), and suggested that I had deliberately mislead Mr Warawa. Audio available here.

    Mark Kelley (CBC The National / News: Morning) Yes Read,
    "Hi Kip...This is an extraordinary piece of work," he remarked in May of 2011, though leaving the question of responsibility hanging.

    Over the course of about nine months, I found it interesting that the CBC found some things newsworthy and other things not. Mark was repeatedly approached gently with the request that he go on the air, as he does so regularly, and clarify the matter by simply stating the truth. Excuses were presented from time constraints to a lack of interest.

    In January of 2012, my tone escalated to highlight the gravity of the situation and the necessity that, as a journalist, he inform the public. His response and my followup can be found here.

    Mary Dawson (Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner) Yes Responded "I wish to confirm that I was able to open and print your letter addressed to Minister Toews. I have passed on your request to our investigation division for their review and our office will contact you with a response as soon as possible," (Jocelyne Brisebois, Communications Officer for the Parliamentary Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner).

    Niels Harrit (Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen) Yes Read,
    "This is brilliant writing, clever and comprehensive. Terrific, solid work, well documented, learned a lot myself. Just to quote UNSC 1368 should be enough for all of us," (Niels Harrit).

    Professor Harrit was among the original whistleblowers to expose the discovery of nano-thermite uncovered in the dust of the WTC ruins.

    Office of the Prosecutor International Criminal Court Yes Read, responded Inquired a total of forty-one times before receipt was finally acknowledged, though I was advised that a receipt "does not mean that an investigation will be conducted". It was downloaded at least 12 times from an address on their subnet (, according to the Apache access logs.

    Patricia Graham (Editor-in-chief, Vancouver Sun) Yes Deleted without reading Patricia was apprised of the false flag issue by my father's presentation at the Vancouver Club August, 2010 as were the many other high profile individuals present, such as an ex US diplomat, supreme court judge, and several prominent CEOs. All now are aware of the evidence and that Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth are asking for a new independent investigation.  Patricia, for reasons unknown, so far has failed to report on the matter.

    Paul Hellyer (Former Minister of National Defence and Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada) Yes Read,
    "I have managed to carefully read the letter to Minister Toews and to scan the attached document concerning thermitic material. I must congratulate you on the very comprehensive manner in which you have assembled the information contained in your letter. It is most impressive. (...) All I can do is to thank you for the exhaustive work that you have undertaken and to hope – which I know is a very long hope – that the minister or one of his colleagues will take it seriously and commission the required analysis. (...)

    "In my mind you are demonstrating the qualities of integrity, loyalty, courage, honesty, fairness and responsibility putting service to humanity before self-interest which is something that should be expected of all of us, but I know quite a few people who wouldn’t see it that way," (Paul Hellyer).

    Peace Arch News Yes Read,
    Published with much gratitude to Lance Peverly, editor, for his courage in demonstrating real journalism in prioritizing the needs of an informed community before career.

    RCMP, White Rock Detachment Yes Read,
    "I went through your material last night and you've done everything you can. You've gone to the right agencies and something like that is way out of my purview and jurisdiction. (...) As far as we're concerned here in White Rock, it's where it's supposed to be. I don't have the resources to deal with anything like that here," (Sgt Roland Pierschke).

    The officer agreed with the thesis of the letter and conceded that he had known since "day one". The RCMP's unofficial motto is "we always get our man".

    RCMP National Security Information Network Yes Read,
    RCMP National Security Investigator currently investigating and considered the letter to be "legitimate". It claims to have "a mandate to collect information from the general public regarding terrorist activity," (NSIN website).

    Russ Hiebert (Member of Parliament for South Surrey - White Rock - Cloverdale, Conservative) Yes Read,
    The letter was read in its entirety before him privately at his constituency office. He found it "very interesting" and requested an electronic copy of the letter to verify footnotes, along with some time to digest the material presented to him.

    He later responded in writing where he acknowledged that the official government explanation for the collapse of WTC7 was not an explanation.

    Senate Committee on Conflict of Interest for Senators Unknown N/A

    Senate Committee on National Security & Defence Unknown N/A

    Sheila Fraser (Auditor General) Yes No response

    Special Senate Committee on Anti-terrorism Yes Read,
    Barbara Reynolds, Committee Clerk, confirmed receipt. She has been notified that I am available to testify before the Senate, if they wish.

    Stewart Bell (Journalist, The National Post) Yes Read,
    no response
    Confirmed via electronic confirmation receipt.

    The Guardian Yes Read,
    no response
    Confirmed via electronic confirmation receipt.

    The Leader-Post Yes Deleted without reading Confirmed via electronic confirmation receipt.

    The National Post Yes Read and deleted Confirmed via electronic confirmation receipt.

    Toronto Sun Yes Deleted without reading Confirmed via electronic confirmation receipt.

    Vic Toews (Minister of Public Safety) Yes No response Hard copy dispatched registered post and signed for by mail processing clerk, Mr M Dery.

    After at least half a dozen attempts by email to confirm the Minister's receipt, including by telephone, Cheri Elliott, the Minister's personal Executive Assistant, finally prepared to bring the letter to the Minister's attention by forwarding it personally to him with the message body of "FYI", unintentionally addressed it to myself. Three minutes later, having realized his mistake, he then attempted unsuccessfully to recall the email.

    As a consequence, the Minister's potential justification of future plausible deniability, with respect to personally having been made aware of the document, has now been destroyed.
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