Portrait of Kip Warner

Senior Software Engineer

Co-chairman, AI Special Interest Group, OpenPOWER Foundation

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+1.604.551.7988 (Signal)
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Helios, the only universal music discovery engine in
the world of its kind.

Pistache, a high performance portable C++ REST server.

Narayan, high performance agent based social
simulation engine to simulate artificial life
in big cities. Supported by the NRC.

Viking Lander Remastered, a forensic technology
cited by NASA's JPL to recover lost mission data
from the first successful mission to the surface
of Mars.

Avaneya, a cerebral sci-fi set on Mars combining
the perfect blend of the metropolis city builder social
simulation and cooperative multiplayer.

Slither, an application and new algorithm to analyze the
movement of C. elegans worms in a laboratory environment.